Computing plays a huge part of everyday life for us all. The average 8-11 year old spends up to 13 hours a week online and another 10 hours a week gaming. In an age when 42% of 5-7 years have their own tablet we need to teach our children that there is more to computing than just web browsing and gaming! As technology moves forward computing will continue to play a huge part in all our children’s futures.

Our vision is that we can teach our children to use the internet in a safe and respectful way. To understand the necessary precautions to take in order to stay safe online and where to seek help; including having safe and positive attitudes to social media. To show children how computing can enhance their learning across the whole of the curriculum and begin to prepare them for their future careers. We want our children to have a sense of achievement from Computing as they build animations, design and make games. Our children need to understand what goes on behind the screen and be able to have the satisfaction of programming something for themselves.

Computing encompasses a huge range of equipment beyond just a tablet or computer. Our vision is that children can successfully use a variety of equipment to enhance learning, to be creative, to develop skills and be enthusiastic learners.

Oxbridge Lane – Computing Curriculum Overview 20-21