Art & Design Technology


At Oxbridge Lane we recognise the importance of nurturing creativity and imagination. Artistic and creative activities have a thoughtful and therapeutic benefit which is encouraged. We provide a rich and varied curriculum where children are given opportunities to understand, explore and respond to the world around them and developing skills they can apply elsewhere. Links are made across the curriculum with other creative subjects such as Music, Design and Technology.

Through a range of carefully structured art and design activities they explore ideas and meanings in the work of artists and designers which they may then use as inspiration to develop within their own work.

Children are encouraged to experiment with many different resources, using colour, form, texture and pattern to communicate what they see, feel and think, expressing themselves regardless of ability.

Oxbridge Lane – Art and Design Curriculum Overview 20-21

Design and Technology

Design and technology at Oxbridge Lane Primary school has a practical, ‘hands-on’ centred approach to develop crucial skills for future life. Children will be able to creatively express themselves using skills of maths, science and art whilst developing their knowledge and understanding with design. Using exciting real life opportunities, children will be given the chance to design and make products to evaluate learning as part of a whole process. Children will also be given the opportunity to develop their love of cooking by applying principles of nutrition to prepare tasty, healthy snack and meals throughout the year as seasons change using seasonal produce.

Oxbridge Lane – Design and Technology Curriculum Overview 20-21