FS1 18/19

Autumn Term

All About Me

Spring Term

Traditional Tales

Summer Term


Big Question Why am I special?

What is Autumn?

What is your favourite story? How will we get there?



Trip to the park-collecting treasure

Use the pumpkins we have grown

Visitors- police /mum and baby

Story character day


Police van Visit

Observe a teacher’s car

PSED MR Settling into routines

Meeting new friends/making new


My family

Take home ted to share home experiences

Discussions about good and bad characters.

Trip to the park to notice signs of Spring

Personal target

Play co-operatively in role play taking on a role

Share details of personal journeys

Personal target

Transition to school

Communication & Language LA


Establish routines for good listening –listening to visitors

Developing vocabulary – sharing news and experiences. Discuss special times for their family. Make observations about Autumn treasures.

Communication friendly spaces.

Listen to stories & join in with refrain

Children retell stories

Role play areas

Talk about experiences eg Chinese new Year

Follow instructions to make gingerbread men

Talk about personal journeys

ask visitors questions about their job

Make observations about summer/vehicles






M & H


Being healthy – food, exercise

Toilet/hand washing  routines

Daily fruit and milk. Dentists – cleaning teeth.

Body movements/actions –naming parts of the body.

Pencil skills – mark making writing name, drawing recognisable picture of themselves

Using equipment to go on a story journey (Little Red Hen & Rosie’s walk)

Dragon Dance for Chinese new Year

Using tools in the elves workshop

Build houses for the three little pig

Travelling under, over and through on an imaginary journey

Sports week- keeping healthy

Road safety issues

Literacy R



Book of the week

Nursery Rymes

Letters & Sounds

Model take home Ted sentences

Mark making / Name writing

Sharing stories and vocabulary linked to stories.

Read names

Continue to develop mark making and writing activities.

Read traditional stories

Letters and sounds

Orally rehearse and write sentences for Take home Ted

Shopping list of ingredients

Writing Easter cards

Continue to develop mark making and writing activities.

Letters and sounds

Reading road signs

Making maps

Writing in all areas of nursery

Information books

Mathematics N



Numicon &Ten Town

My birthday/My age

Counting/sorting objects including autumn treasures. Patterns we can see.

Position of Autumn animals

Shapes in feely bags.

Ten town /Numicon activities

Counting sets of…..

Ordering sizes of chairs/bowls

Compare bears activities

Repeating patterns –Cinders dress

Building with 3D shapes

Numbers on vehicles- number plate, bus number, tickets etc

vehicle survey- counting

shape rockets/road signs

positional lang. on a journey

how far do cars travel on ramp

Understanding of the World



P & C



My family – looking at houses

Bonfire night/Remembrance Day/Christmas etc

Autumn treasures-observations and activities –woodland creature

Games on IWB

Taking photos

Chinese New Year celebrations

Easter traditions

Planting seeds /bulbs – observing changes – Spring

Map of gingerbread man’s journey

3 bears program – mouse control

vehicles used by different occupation(visits)

Road safety

observe  different vehicles

Signs of summer at the park



Expressive Art & Design E & U M & M




Colour of the week


Firework sound /  pictures

Skeleton pictures

Role play –Home corner / Doctors

Music activities

Mud kitchen

Make porridge

Collages of 3 pigs houses

Make gingerbread family

Design Easter cards

Dragon dance

Den building

Moving as characters from stories

Tyre printing/tracks in sand

Train journey rhythms

Move on a journey-splash through water, squelch in mud etc

Role play- garage, construction site, fire station