Message from the Governing Body

The Governing Body of Oxbridge Lane Primary School aims to ensure that the school provides a safe, caring and stimulating learning environment and to have high aspirations for each and every child.

We will achieve this by being actively involved in the daily life of the school and by working alongside the Head teacher and Senior Leadership Team to:

  • Set challenging aims and objectives for the school
  • Ensure the school’s plan for improvement (School Improvement and Development Plan) is carried out
  • Agree policies, priorities and performance targets
  • Look for evidence the these objectives are being achieved
  • Ask challenging questions of the Head teacher and Senior Leadership Team to ensure the school achieves our overarching aim.
  • Our decisions and actions will always be in the best interests of our children and their families and we will be prepared to explain our decisions openly and honestly to staff, parents, children, the Local Authority and those members of the wide community, who may have an interest in the conduct and the standards of the school.

Mrs V Pinkney (Chair of Governors)