Overview for Year 5

  YEAR 5 Autumn Spring Summer
Reading Word Reading Vocabulary enhancement
Comprehension Guided Read Sessions – texts include, fiction and non-fiction & poetry
Writing Transcription Daily Spelling, Grammar and Handwriting practice
Composition Writing in various genres: narratives, explanations, recounts, report, instructions, traditional tales.
SPAG Daily starters VGP – NC expectations
Speaking and Listening Regular opportunities to share ideas in various situations; Reading aloud; Performance poetry; Debates and Discussions
Maths Number and Place Value, Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication and Division, Fractions, Measures, Geometry: properties of shape, Geometry: position, directions and motion and Statistics.
Science Materials Earth and Space Forces
Living Things Animals inc. Humans  
Working Scientifically – on going through the year.
Computing We are game developers We are Cryptographers


We are Artists


We are web developers


We are bloggers


We are architects


The Big Questions Where does Chocolate come from?

Where the Vikings really vicious?

Can we make a moving solar system?

Who was James Cook?


How do Bridges work?

How can we use seasonal food to maintain a balanced diet?

History Vikings James Cook
Geography Where does Chocolate come from? Can we make a moving solar system?
D&T Can we make a moving solar system?


How do bridges work?

How can we use seasonal food to maintain a balanced diet?

Art and Design T1- Andy Warhol study and work in his style T2- Aboriginal Art study linked to James Cook T3- Portraits. Artist study Pablo Picasso
Music Class Performance Unit Notation and Composition Class Performance Unit
P.E. Tag Rugby/Gymnastics Dance/Hockey Athletics/Cricket//Swimming
R.E. Places of worship

How do we know about the Christmas story?

What food, drink and leisure are important in Islam and why?

2. How do betrayal and loyalty feature in the Easter story?

Worship in the home.

Thematic- compare and contrast Christianity, Judaism and Islam.


PSHE Core theme 1: Health and Wellbeing

Core Theme 2: Relationships


Core Theme 3: The Wider World

 How to resolve differences, make decisions and explain choices

Core theme 1 Health and Wellbeing


MFL Encore! Quelle heure est il? Les Fetes