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Arts Links

At Oxbridge Lane we recognise the importance of nurturing creativity and imagination. Artistic and creative activities have a thoughtful and therapeutic benefit which is encouraged. We want parents to be aware of the types of clubs in our surrounding areas that offer specialist coaching and pathways into the arts for those children who are talented or just want to participate in a particular club to learn new skills while also developing their social skills.

We understand the diversity of the world and the importance of exposing our pupils to a wide range of experiences that can inspire their curiosity and creativity. If you are interested in your child joining any of these clubs, please use the information provided below to find out more.

Activity ideas for parents:

Performing Arts
Razzamataz- all ages
Smart Raspberry Cookery School-Whether your child is a total kitchen novice or the next Jamie Oliver we encourage all abilities to try new ingredients and develop their skills.
Arts and Craft Club
The Creation Station- fantastic kids arts and crafts classes which are suitable for girls and boys from the age of two to eleven years of age.
Kaos Kids is a weekly dance session, which is run by Urban Kaos for young people aged 7+ at the ARC.
Get in touch with Urban Kaos at to book a space in a class or visit The Urban Kaos Facebook page to see what the group have been up to.
Samantha Moore Theatre Arts
07950 233636
Heritage Dance Studios
01642 633367 / 07932 634542
Teesside School of Music
01642 640599
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