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Community Garden

Oxbridge Lane Primary School has a hidden garden. It is not obvious, but if you visit the nursery building and go through the little gate at the end of the building there is a delightful triangle of garden. Until a year ago, this was an overgrown, weed-ridden area full of unpleasant things to look at.


In 2022, Stockton Men's Shed guys began to explore the garden and cleared it of weeds, and brought it back into use.

The garden supplied the Nursey with strawberries and pumpkins last year and we are about to set out new crops for the coming season.
Stockton Men's Shed now has a further base at King Edwin School in Norton and will soon be opening another Shed at Hartburn by repurposing the old Seascout Building.

The Shed is set up to bring together Men and Ladies who suffer from loneliness, mental issues or just need a cup of tea and a chat. The activities include woodworking, gardening and anything else they can think of! We work with other agencies, including the two schools, and are about to launch a Bike Project in Stockton. This will provide bikes for those that need one, the bikes we will refurbish at Hartburn.

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