At Oxbridge Lane we have a desire to nurture and encourage a natural curiosity, to shape and direct this to turn the children into inquisitive, questioning learners who look closely at and think carefully about where they live. We aim to develop a respect and love for the physical environment, the diverse people and the natural landscape which surrounds us here in Stockton. We want our children to understand Teesside and how they can be part of protecting, preserving and developing their local area for future generations to appreciate.

As a whole school we look at countries around the world and learn about the similarities and differences between our local area, other places within the UK and a variety of areas from around the world. As our children develop their understanding of Geography they will come to understand the link between physical and human processes and how a variety of landscapes were formed and are used. We want the children’s curiosity to help them plan and carry out investigations via fieldwork and to work cooperatively with each other.