Maths is a fundamental part of the world in which we live. It exists all around us. We aim for the pupils at Oxbridge Lane to become equipped with the skills they need to develop enquiring mathematical minds. They need firm foundations in the laws and processes in maths but they also need to appreciate how these connect together. We want to develop learners who are able to apply their skills to real life. More importantly, we want pupils to become investigators and explorers of maths, constantly looking for patterns and connections.

Our curriculum reflects this vision by having two main foci. Pupils are expected to learn the correct arithmetic skill for each year. These are taught rooted in conceptual understanding of each process and procedure. Reasoning and problem solving is taught through clearly defined units which cover the National Curriculum ARE for each year. Every child tackles reasoning questions as well as fluency through each unit of work. Fluency is varied and pupils are encouraged to make links across maths concepts. We use FOCUS Maths, Small Steps and nrich to provide us with varied and challenging activities. Pupils are assessed at the end of each unit and support is given to those who need it.