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In an era where funds for the arts are reducing and music is disappearing from many school curricula, we feel it necessary to fight for the children of Oxbridge Lane to receive a top-class music education. Many skills are gained through music including confidence, concentration, the ability to work alongside others, a good memory, the capability to listen both critically and attentively, and the capacity to create and perform. For this reason, why would we, as a school, want to deny our children a musical education?  Music is used in therapy, it is a healer.  It has the power to transform mood and bring people from different cultures together in a way that words cannot.  In every part of the world, in every celebration we share, music plays an important role. 


Our vision is one where the children of Oxbridge Lane grow to love music. Through a variety of high quality experiences (that are adapted to meet individual needs), both inside and outside of the classroom and under the guidance of an enthusiastic staff, children will become ‘musically literate’. When working towards a performance, the children will gain vital skills of resilience, determination, co-operation and compromise as they will realise that being ‘performance ready’ does not happen immediately, it takes time and effort to get things right. Confidence will grow the more children stand in front of an audience and witness the reactions to their successes. Their hard work is celebrated. Through engaging in a wide variety of activities, the musical skills and knowledge of each individual will develop over time giving the children of Oxbridge Lane the passion and desire to want to continue on their own musical journeys.   


Always remember, “Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without.” (Confucius) 


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