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OPAL Outdoor Learning

Our school have been busy implementing new outdoor learning areas. We know that children are happier and healthier when they have great play opportunities. OPAL is helping us develop our outdoor areas so that our children not only have purposeful experiences inside the classroom but also outside on our yard.

The OPAL programme rational is that “… better, more active and creative playtimes can mean happier and healthier children, and having happier, healthier, more active children usually results in a more positive attitude to learning in school, with more effective classroom lessons, less staff time spent resolving unnecessary behavioural problems, fewer playtime accidents, happier staff and a healthier attitude to life.”

This links in perfect with our vision here at Oxbridge Lane:

“A happy, caring and aspirational place where we learn together and are valued.’

There are so many benefit to play, from nursery to Year 6. It helps children both socially and emotionally. Allows them to be curious about the world, become problems solvers and play make choices. They learn how to share, play with others and to understand other children’s boundaries as well as their own.

At Oxbridge Lane Primary, we are working hard to provide children with a range of play experiences, both stimulating and challenging. We are keen to instil a life-long love of learning and exploration whether it be during our enriched playtimes or in the classroom.

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