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Oxbridge Lane School Uniform

We encourage children to be clean and tidy, of smart appearance and to wear the proper school uniform at all times when involved in school activities.
Children feel they belong at school because they dress similarly to their classmates both in class and during an out-of-school activity. Wearing uniform prevents clothing becoming the focus of unkind comparisons based on cost and fashion.
Children should wear the school uniform, which is practical and inexpensive. It helps to give a child a sense of pride in belonging to a special organisation and helps to avoid arguments about wearing the latest expensive and inappropriate fashions to school.


School uniform is as follows: 


White polo shirt


Bottle green sweatshirt 


Grey or black trousers or shorts


Gingham dresses in green

PE Kit

  • Plain or school logo white polo or scoop neck t-shirt

  • Plain black PE shorts or tracksuit bottoms (no stripes or other colours please)

  • Trainers (as plain as you can – no luminous colours). Black is ideal.  




Pupils must be suitably dressed for school whether or not they are strictly in uniform, having regard to season, weather, activity of the day (for example school visits), modesty, comfort and safety.  Clothing is unsuitable if it is easily torn, highly decorated or very bright.  Clothing is unsuitable if the garment has no sleeves, leaves the midriff uncovered or is very tight fitting.  All clothing must be marked with the child's name. We do collect several items of lost property over the school terms ~ so do come and ask if something is missing!

Please find below links to the local supplier. Our uniform can also be purchased at most supermarkets and many other retailers.

Elizabeth's Embroidery

Uniform Exchange

To further support our children and families, we provide a uniform exchange. We have a range of donated uniforms which can be provided to our children upon request. Please contact the school office for more information.

Uniform Exchange Slip

Uniform Exchange.jpg
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