Physical Education at Oxbridge Lane should focus around two key concepts; ‘experience’ and ‘personal achievement.’

Every child at Oxbridge Lane should get the opportunity to experience a multitude of activities through a diverse curriculum. We aim to offer children the widest range of physical activities we can, in the hope that they will find an activity they enjoy and/or excel in.

In Physical Education at Oxbridge, we do not aim to ‘tick the box’ of sport required. Instead, we try to engage children in physical activity in a way they enjoy and benefit from both now and in the future. We believe that if a passion for sport and living a healthy lifestyle is instilled in children from a young age, they will go on to be more active, healthier and, in turn, happier individuals.

In terms of achievement, at Oxbridge we hope to instil a level of ‘personal challenge’ within children. We hope that by facilitating exercise as the norm for break times and lunchtimes, and by modelling a positive attitude to challenge, children will strive to achieve their personal best in whatever area or areas of physical activity they choose.

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Walk this May

In support of “National Walking month in May” and in partnership with Tees Active, we have an exciting range of activities for you and the whole family to get involved in. 

From daily challenges, fun quizzes, scavenger hunts and even virtual orienteering, explore your local area and enjoy a day out across a range of fantastic places and spaces across the Borough.

Complete any of the activities and enter our prize draw to win an amazing Tees Active family bundle prize. There are 4 up for grabs! Just email your completed activity sheet to: along with your contact details.

Deadline for activities is Friday 4 June 2021 and winners will be contacted Monday 7 June 2021. 


Activity 1 - ‘Walk a Mile’

Lace up your shoes and step outside, see if you can walk a mile a day by:

  • Walking to school or work every day, if you can’t walk the whole way walk part of the way instead.

  • Take the dog for a walk

  • Walk & Talk with your friends

  • Try out one of our fantastic local walks

Download the Walk a Mile chart and mark off your daily mile.

Activity 2 - Virtual Orienteering Challenge

Walk or run your way around the paths of the International White-Water course and don’t forget those all-important check points. There are 2 courses to choose from a short (1.2km), suitable for wheelchairs/pushchairs or long (2.9km) course, or you could do both within the week.

Getting started

Install the MapRunF on your smartphone, to do this visit the Clok website for more information.

Once you have downloaded the app you are ready to go. You can also download the handy guide for further instructions and information.

You can either use the map on your app or you can download the maps below:



Activity 3 - Nature Scavenger Hunt

Get out and about in nature and play our walking bingo. A great game for children and adults to play together. See how many items on our list you can find, you have one week to complete it.

To get started download the scavenger hunt activity sheet.


Activity 4 - Park Quiz

Brush up on your local knowledge and join in with these park quizzes. This challenge will not only highlight local nature points, but also the local heritage trail. Along the way there are also great play parks for children to enjoy.

Ropner Park Quiz

Tees Barrage Park Quiz

Why not test yourself and do them both!

Send your completed activity sheets to for a chance to win a Tees Active family bundle prize!