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Physical Education at Oxbridge Lane should focus around two key concepts; ‘experience’ and ‘personal achievement.’ 


Every child at Oxbridge Lane should get the opportunity to experience a multitude of activities through a diverse curriculum. We aim to offer children the widest range of physical activities we can, in the hope that they will find an activity they enjoy and/or excel in. 


In Physical Education at Oxbridge, we do not aim to ‘tick the box’ of sport required. Instead, we try to engage children in physical activity in a way they enjoy and benefit from both now and in the future. We believe that if a passion for sport and living a healthy lifestyle is instilled in children from a young age, they will go on to be more active, healthier and, in turn, happier individuals. 


In terms of achievement, at Oxbridge we hope to instil a level of ‘personal challenge’ within children. We hope that by facilitating exercise as the norm for break times and lunchtimes, and by modelling a positive attitude to challenge, children will strive to achieve their personal best in whatever area or areas of physical activity they choose. 

School Games Gold Mark 22/23

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