School Council

What is the School Council about?

Following British Values through democracy, our school council is a formed youth parliament that helps to make the school a safer and a better place to be in. School council is about giving children a brighter future, it’s about making children want to come to school and it will be good for their attendance too. Our class representatives have a very important job and work really hard on giving the children at Oxbridge Lane Primary a better future.

Our new school councillors were elected in September after giving their manifesto to their class. A polling station was used from the council and the whole school took to the polling booth to place their vote for who they wanted to represent their class. The votes were counted and the council were elected.

Y2A Isabell
Y2F Talia
Y3K Adam
Y3S Ryan
Y4B Seren
Y4P Kacey
Y5L Evie
Y5H Christopher
Y6I Xander & Nida
Y6M Lydia & Abigail

Our school council representatives will continue to meet every 3 weeks and run through their agendas.