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Welcome to Oxbridge Lane Class Transition Hub!

Embarking on a new school year is an exciting adventure, and at Oxbridge, we strive to make the transition into different year groups smooth, enjoyable, and full of discovery. Our dedicated Transition Hub is designed to guide both students and parents through this important journey.

For Students:

Discover Your New Year Group: Explore what awaits you in your upcoming year! Get a sneak peek into the exciting subjects, projects, and activities that will fill your days with fun and learning. Meet your new teachers and classmates, and learn about the unique aspects of your year group.

Transition Activities: Participate in engaging transition activities that makes moving up a year group feel like an adventure. From virtual tours of your new classrooms to interactive sessions with your future teachers, we provide experiences that ease the transition jitters and foster a sense of familiarity.

Connect with Classmates: Join online forums and virtual meet-ups to connect with your new classmates before the school year begins. Share your interests, ask questions, and build new friendships, creating a supportive community even before stepping into the classroom.

For Parents:

Insights into the Curriculum: Get a comprehensive overview of the curriculum for your child's new year group. Understand the key learning objectives, milestones, and educational approach, ensuring you're well-informed and ready to support your child's academic journey.

Meet the Teachers: Gain insights into the teaching team for the upcoming year. Learn about their teaching philosophy, communication channels, and how you can collaborate to ensure your child's success. Our meet the teacher sessions and informational videos provide opportunities to get to know the staff in school.

Transition Tips and Resources: Access valuable resources and tips to support your child's transition. From school supplies lists to suggestions for a smooth morning routine, we've got you covered with practical information that eases the transition for both you and your child.

At Oxbridge Lane, we believe that every transition is an opportunity for growth and new beginnings. Join us in making each step into a new year group an exciting chapter in your child's educational journey!

Please click the relevant button below for more transition information for each year group.

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